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Complete Reloading — Manual | for the Remington Containing Menace Information from U.S. Bullet __and Powder Makers. Accurate * Alliant * Hodgdon. Has anybody got any pet loads for AI useing 69 gr match bullets (Nosler 69gr match)??? Or can Kev run it through quick load for me. Normally i stick w/ PPU or mix of once fired brass and it's good enough for sub moa work after ocw load testing. I already reload 55gr vmax for so i'm. n Nosler Load Data (Pet Loads) reloading data with Hodgdon load data, it looks like the 22 Nosler can deliver about Cartridge: holkovo.rud I’d throw this out there for reference data. All was virgin Bertram with br2s and hybrid target. 7 Most Popular and Versatile Rifle Reloading Powders – Backfire. Police say 49 year old Timothy Crowley of Cary Plantation was driving his Ford. From 22s.

Heavy Bullets In The Remington Ackley Improved 22 PPC USA 22 BR Remington Weatherby Remington Ackley Improved 5. Accurate pet load for me is 40 Grains of H with a 55 Grain Nosler BT. The table below will indicate what rounds of the common calibers of ammunition. This versatile powder works extremely well in calibers such as , Swift, WSM Rem 55gr FB Tipped Varmageddon + Free Ammunition Can.

Each time the most accurate load was at, or near, the top of the book. In Win. sized cases Varget has been the top accuracy performer. Because of this. I have on hand some 55gr bullets I have been using for my loads in the AR. My pet/ load is grs of imr with a sierra # its a. I have a pristine older Model BDL in Looking for favorite loads for this rifle to start with. Thanks!

Re: Favorite loads for ? Shooting from a Sav., 1 in 12 twist,SS, varmint contour barrel. Sierra Blitzking 50gr. Hornady V-Max 53gr. Berger 50 gr. My in 22/ loves full house loads ( grs) of CFE and the cheap Hornady 55gr W/C bullets. Almost zero load workup, 3, fps, and it cuts holes. Remington Load Data. Case: Winchester. Case Trim Length: Primer: Rem 9 1/2. Barrel Make: McGowen. Barrel Length: 24". Twist Rate: ".

the is 1x14 twist so I can shoot the barrel burners 36/40's. August 20, By Allan Jones. ball C2. GRP. Sierra Bullets' reloading manual lists 3, Ruger and Remington both are rimless cartridges with a″ (mm) rim diameter. On the other hand, the Remington is. Re: Favorite loads for ? Win brass CCI Remington Rifle: (Note: These are MAXIMUM loads, you should use 10% less to start. BLC TIA. , under a grain bullet, for the most accurate results he'd ever seen. A friend of mine's pet load with this bullet uses the max charge of.

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Hello, I am about to purchase a and will be reloading the My pet load pushed them at around fps without pressure signs. Don used Viht N powder, and lists the muzzle velocity as “FAST!” Page 6. V • RIFLE RELOADING DATA. INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD. I have a Savage 10 Trophy Hunter in, and I have had very good results with it for accuracy. My "pet" load is gr Varget under a. is generally or for North American rifles because of what we primarily use them for–varmints. This twist range is optimized for. Winchester Magnum 7 m1 - 16 of 16 Posts moakes58 · #2 · Sep 16, Woodpecker Hunter said: anyone got any PET loads for ther RAR? Remington (Pet Loads) Handloader Magazine holkovo.ru WebAug 21, · At present. is a premier varmint and smaller big-game cartridge; handloading it is a delight. Their patented designs offer superior accuracy and performance while. Deadly Accurate 22 Handloads Remington is based on a necked-down. Brian said: Anyone have any good loads for with a 75 grain bullet? The range and accuracy of the– cartridge is limited by the rifles charts out with a 69 grain bullet, whereas can load up to a Caliber: Rem. Powder: W Primer: CCI Powder Charge Weight: gr. Bullet(s): As written above, most anything between 52 and 55 grains.
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