It’s a tank battle for the ages – Let’s compare the Macharius Vulcan vs the Crimson Fists Rules, New White Dwarf, Vostroyans Return & More!. Macharius tank rules – posted in + ASTRA MILITARUM +: Hey all I was wondering I love he look of the double barrel vanquisher thanks guys. It’s between Magnus and the Macharius Vulcan for me. Consider reading this article by u/MagicJuggler about rules lawyering, and.

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I’ve not used machzrius, but my understanding is that they’re a sort of “light” super heavy – like a budget Machzrius Scions are actually one of the worst units to pair with GSC en masse, anyhow because both want to be deployed in reserves.

Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: Cult Ambush Genestealers are probably the best assault unit, pound for pound, in 8th edition. Some places may say no, for a couple reasons, all of which are a little strange IMO.

I like having a place to mxcharius. They can do everything and the psychic power support from their patriarch is nothing short of incredible.

Image – Imperial Macharius Vulcan Pattern Heavy | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Vanquisher in my view is the best, not OP in any way, but has a good tank killing and infantry killing gun, followed by the bolter version, then the standard you cant get the plasma varient from FW anymore but that was also a nice varient. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. The stormlord is however a better purchase usually as the extra toughness, transport capacity, and the ability to shoot multiple targets are well worth the extra points.


As for having enough HWT bitz lying around, I guess if you play mechanized it could be a problem, but any infantry guard player should have more than enough to make 9 mortars.

In summary I love the appearance of this unit, but it is way too expensive to act only as a display piece. Grav-Chute Insertion restricts you to disembark over 9″ away from enemy models, but doesn’t restrict your ability to move afterwards models disembarking can act normally.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Pick a legio titanicus and declare for the Emperor or the Warmaster today! While rarer and harder to manufacture than battle cannons, they are capable of using special anti-tank shells in addition to normal munitions.

Requizen Loyal Necron Lychguard.

Macharius Heavy Tank – 1d4chan

The people opposite to you look at it as though it’s a form of “tipping” for the people who have this place they can gather to play their games, like of like you do a waitress or bartender or barber.

The Commisar will only benefit them in CCand you shouldn’t really charge anything you can’t kill. Share your adventures, characters, homebrews, podcasts, and more. After many years of diligent study and cross-examination of ancient documents recovered deep within the archives of Lucius, Nalax was able to gather enough of the data to construct the Macharius. The idea of the Macharius Vulcan also being a relatively inexpensive Monstrous Creature killer is very appealing, as I have heard that those are often the weak point of the Imperial Guard.

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Against a tac squad of marines, 15 hit, 10 wound, roughly 6 die, 5 if in cover. I just remembered one more question that I meant to ask, how well do you guys think the Macharius Vulcan would fare against a Tau Riptide? For when you need 2s to kill space marines.


More Competitive mzcharius 8th Edition? If the smaller Macharius is able to successfully put a Vulcan mega-bolter on a periscope turret, then surely a much larger tank should be able to do the job just as well. They hit above their weight-class with 30 shots at 60′ range.

But are they durable enough to weather the storm of fire that it’s going to take in the first turn? Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

But you might struggle with that if you previously had a heavy scions element since they all want to deepstrike, right? It is part of a machwrius of tanks known as “second-generation Baneblades ” — since the Adeptus Mechanicus keeps a very tight hold on the Baneblade STC patterns, supply is extremely limited. The Death Korps can and does produce armoured regiments, but the infantry and artillery formations are the heart and soul of the Korps, so favouring infantry over vehicles is definitely feasible.

You say Fiery Crash! It does well against most types of infantry as well though a ruins and an ADL can reduce damage dramatically.

M41 and liberated one thousand worlds in the name of the Emperor of Mankind.