LEGO set database: Shuttle Launching Crew. Find great deals for Vintage Lego Shuttle Launching Crew Complete With Instructions. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for LEGO Town Flight Shuttle Launching Crew (). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Very classic building here, very very similar to Indy Car Carrier and Police Surveille truck. The completed Set all together! Register a new account. See the similarity to Police Surveille Truck? This should be a exclusive piece! What more can one ask for!! Initially posted this review some time ago in another local forum but decided to also post here to share the experience.

Yap, i love the older trucks too Your name as the reviewer.

But i remembered i bought Police Truck first, followed by the Indy Truck and by then this set has already dis-continued Really happy to have found it back again! For me this space shuttle served as a link between my Lego town on earth and my Space theme sets, visiting and supplying them. They’ve got that Classic Town style that just looks great.

I remember wanting this set badly while the Spaceport sub-theme was still around.

  EP 715-1-7 PDF

LEGO Shuttle Launching Crew

My photo-taking skills are like and dont really know how to edit the backgrounds to the photos, so hope leg guys can provide me with some criticism. Truck and Trailer together!

We move on to the truck locomotive head: Posted February 1, I’ve added a poll so other members can vote on this terrific Classic Town Space Shuttle set. It looks good when displayed and great playability!! Used to drool lefo this set back in cause it has many vehicles and minifigs in one set! The trailer is very nice and long. With this addition, i have completed all the past trucks and trailers!

I’m the King of the World!! This set is great!

Vintage Lego Shuttle Launching Crew Complete With Instructions | eBay

Can you share pictures of the front and back of the box? Edited November 3, by Rick. Posted February 1, edited. This is definately a classic!

I remember this set was one of my first City ones and I became crazy with all those vehicles! Sign In Sign Up. A very fine review, legofan.

LEGO Town Flight Shuttle Launching Crew (6346)

Oh that wonderful lego door Posted February 2, The little truck looks just like the truck from the old coast guard set I 634 working on a review for that came out three years before the Shuttle set. TLG never really made a new version of it unfortunately, when they switched from the finger hinges to the click hinges.


It comes with 4 amazing classic motor bikes. They look nice when compared with the older 4studs cars, but when placed beside the newer sets, they are drawfed by them Ever wondered how the 4 studs of the cabin becomes five to imitate a king cab?

I guess it was the set’s imposing looks and parade-ish presentation that made it as awesome as I remember it. As a child it also inspired me to build my own very huge space shuttle legp could fit this little shuttle in its cargo bay. The 5 stud truck and the trailer looks great, also the motorbikes look very good.

Onto the review, hope you guys enjoy!! Real Classic building of cars and pick ups! Next up construction of the statelite: No wonder i used to drool over this set when i’m young!

My favorite part of this set is the truck and trailor, and the car and cycles.

Your “building” experience – which you can do a step by step to show it with photos First Up: