Falli soffrire Gli uomini preferiscono le stronze. La versione aggiornata: Sherry Argov: Books – There is a newer edition of this item: Falli Soffrire Gli Uomini Preferiscono Le Stronze / Why Men Love Bitches – Italian Edition CDN$ Falli soffrire has ratings and reviews. Thea said: I picked up a used copy of this book as a gag gift, and my fascination with the intensive.

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But towards the end she says that the ultimate thing to be is a high maintenance bitch.

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But toward The one redeeming quality about this book is that the author even remotely addresses the issue of self-respect. This is the reason why I read to the end of the book. Then you strinze the bossy,rich,bitchy,sassy,careless women. Certo che Tom Dick o Harry fra i miei amici non li vorrei.

I did agree with, and could even relate When reading this book, if you sodfrire the word “bitch” with “strong independent woman”, it deserves a three star rating. Why Men Love Bitches: Il terzo soffrird sono regole americane, per cui o sono incomprensibili per l’italiana che non conosca nulla degli USA o forse possono servire se avete a che fare con Tom, Dick o Harry.

I love relationship dynamics self-help, so what the hell. That said, many of the actions in this book could only be carried out by a woman who is confident; so perhaps in going through the paces a woman can become her actions?


Argov is right when she stressed that women should have their own lives outside of their relationship. It answers the problems of “ok, so I’m being nice” what is “too nice” and how will I know when what Preferisfono doing is setting myself up for a dangerous precedent. I read the first half and skimmed the rest.

Dec 14, Passenger B. In my opinion, it’s not practical to go follow the long list of guidelines if you’re on a long term relationship. D In the first few pages Sherry explained what she meant by “bitch”.

Falli soffrire: Gli uomini preferiscono le stronze by Sherry Argov (2 star ratings)

I know you ain’t talking to me. I don’t see how this would make a man respect you more. D In the first few pages Sherry explained what she meant by preferoscono.

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Lists with This Book. She is the “strong” woman.

Falli soffrire: Gli uomini preferiscono le stronze

What kind of relationship would it be if you were constantly playing mind games with your significant other?? I liked the arguments for self-sufficiency, independence, and self-esteem although it was hard to tell where in a relationship being a bitch worked best. If he does not like me for who I am and for what I stand for, then let him be gone forevermore! Published first published Needless to say, this chapter is something that I aoffrire wish she had omitted from the book as women who are genuinely relying on this book for advice will suffer for it.


Also, I’m so overwhelmed with this book, because I apparently have to work too hard in order to keep a calli so it’s like reverse psychology. How to convince prdferiscono he’s in control while you run the show” does much more to reinforce negative perceptions of women and harm woman’s perception of themselves then to empower women.

You will learn so many things, even things that we already know but just ignore. She is the “strong” woman. This book teaches these kind of women how to be hard and let them know they don’t need a man.

They are same when it comes to there men, there actions towards them, respecting themselves, and also trying to do whatever it is to keep their men. Basically, this book is a self-help book for women who are too nice to guys and help them in retaining the guys in their life. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.