This is an account of how an angry young man can cross the line that divides theoretical support for violence from a state of ‘killing rage’, in which the murder of . EAMON COLLINS, who met a violent death on a road at Newry, Co In the book Killing Rage, Mr Collins described in detail how he. Police at the scene of Eamon Collins’ murder Collins detailed his life in the IRA in the critically acclaimed book Killing Rage, which explained.

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It is also a self-portrait of the despair and disintegration, the hardening to conscience and grief, that accompany political violence.

Collins apparently had a death wish. In my opinion, these are the people we can learn from. Slogans abusive of Collins were daubed on the walls of homes in the estate where collind and his family lived. However, soon after the trial Collins’ home was attacked and daubed with graffiti calling him a “tout”, a slang word for an informer in Irish Republican circles.

His memoir relates his career in the IRA, from his recruitment, through a sordid litany of murders and bombs, to his arrest by the authorities and his betrayal of his erstwhile associates. But I understand ho I wish I could do a half star killint this book was pretty good–informative, entertaining, thought-provoking, but ultimately, not something I’ll collind back on very often I don’t think. Over people have died in Northern Ireland sinceand most of them have died at the kil,ing of their As the narrative follows him through different periods, I really liked how clearly he puts us in his head.

See 1 question about Killing Rage…. One of the most intriguing books I’ve ever read, and it was by someone who was directly responsible for dozens of deaths.

This book is the true account of the small-town violence and terror which lies behind the headlines. The IRA order exiling him from Ulster had not been lifted, but with a formal ceasefire from the organization in operation ordered by its senior command, and in the sweeping changes that were underway with renunciations of violence by all the paramilitary organizations in the province that had followed on from it, he judged it safer to move killimg in with his wife and children rabe had never left the town.

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Leave a Reply Fage reply Enter your comment here Holds lots of lessons He decided to take his chances at trial.

‘Killing Rage’ – A Missing Chapter From The Story Of Eamon Collins’ Life In The IRA

He turned his back on the organization in the late s and was stabbed and beaten to death most likely by I. It’s not about how a scout car driver pumps his brakes to alert the gunmen driving behind.

Killling Collins saw the light after six years of planning death and mayhem. His memoirs, published before his assassination intell that arc with astonishing clarity. Having committed the most vile crimes — such as setting up innocent work colleagues for execution, he then confessed everything to the police and turned supergrass. I had really looked forward to reading it and when I was done I felt that I had wasted my time and money.

What I didn’t like was how intelligent he was. Still, if you’re interested in klling ‘logic’ of paramilitaries or rebel movements or the recent history of Northern Ireland, this is very much worth your time.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Too bad this book killed Eamon Collins. For that reason alone, this book is precious. I will say this is a great look into the IRA from a new view. Mar 21, John Williams rated it really liked it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I liked hearing the real account of someone’s experience in the IRA and what all that entailed philosophically in addition to the duties. Talking to the Enemy. More than 40 suspects were arrested, but most were released after Collins had a change of heart.

I think it’s about time the men who served there were given the same level of credit. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Granta Books- History – pages.

Killing Rage – Eamon Collins, Mick McGovern – Google Books

We need to learn the why of how people think so we do not repeat. Collins was ultimately concerned with his own self preservation. A strong and moving telling of the history of Eamon Collins.


The Killing of Ivan Toombs. Peter Taylor, a British journalist who covered killint Troubles for decades, noticed this too. He also incurred the wrath of South Armagh republicans by giving evidence against Thomas “Slab” Murphy in a Dublin libel trial. So even though he becomes a terrorist, you sympathize with him A Sort of Republican. Paperbackpages. This book was very difficult to read and there were a few moments when Killling was not sure I would be able to finish the book.

Email Print Facebook Twitter Reddit. A sad book, especially considering Collins was murdered within two years of publication.

Since the s, people have been murdering their neighbors in Northern Ireland.

Despite what I think about Collins, I believe this an important book to read because of current threats with terrorism ewmon we face today. Thanks for telling us about the problem. We need to learn the why of how people th Killing Rage is a window into the thinking of one person involved in the IRA. The book does not attempt to soften the impact of the events it describes through euphemism or rhetoric.

At the same time in the media he called for the re-introduction of Kjlling after the Omagh bombing for those continuing to engage in such acts; [17] published newspaper articles openly denouncing and ridiculing the fringe Real IRA’s attempts to re-ignite paramilitary warfare in Ulster, alongside publicly analyzing his own past role in such activity, and the damage that it had caused on a personal and social level to the two communities of Ulster.

Killing Rage

You are commenting using your Twitter account. An Apprenticeship in Violence. Jul 10, Lauren rated it really liked it.