DMT has ratings and reviews. tim said: This is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. In , Dr. Rick Strassman succeeded in rei. . Strassman, Rick. DMT: the spirit molecule: a doctor’s revolutionary research into the biology of near-death and mystical experiences / Rick Strassman. p. cm. Shop Inner Traditions, Online Bookstore for DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman. Books for the Mind, Body & Spirit since !.

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I also enjoyed musing on the interesting “coincidence? Wessells PhD, Strassman developed a new model for growing embryonic avian dorsal root ganglion neurons, suspended in a semi-solid agar matrix, thus allowing 3-dimensional assessment of growing patterns. Additionally, I would have loved to see some illustrations from the patients, and the visual aspect of the book could have been far greater.

Are they a combination of both? Great job at explaining what DMT is and what it does to the Consciousness and you be the judge if you molefule everybody stories.

DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Rick Strassman succeeded in reinstating the first federally-approved study on a psychedelic substance strrassman the U. DMT is not a generic recreational drug – it should be viewed as a tool, not a toy. Interesting but in the end I learned very little from it. In many ways, I looked up to him, but in his teen years he fell head-first into heroin and, as of this moment, never came back for his spjrit ever after”.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The Spirit Molecule makes the case that DMT, naturally released by the pineal gland, facilitates the soul’s movement in and out of the body and is an integral part of the birth and death experiences, as well as the highest states of meditation and even sexual transcendence. May 30, Sally rated it liked it Shelves: But given his medical and scientific background, I did expect a deeper and more rigorous treatise of the chemical.

He began his general psychiatry residency at the University of California, Daviswhere he received the Sandoz Award for outstanding graduating resident in Dimethyltryptamine DMT is a powerful psychedelic chemical naturally produced by the human brain and is also found in a majority of plants and animals.


Moderate doses, strict attention to non-drug factors, and a modest relationship with the media all have contributed Prospective readers would include anyone with an interest in the mind and consciousness, as well as an openness to the possibilities that lie in the little known world beyond the realms of our normal perception.

Dimension is a science fiction concept nowhere near the same as a universe that splits off from quantum interactions. Strassman makes clear his own background and interest in the study.

Aug 26, Travis rated it it was ok. Nov 06, Nathan rated it it was ok. Strassman’s story was so interesting that I couldn’t put this book down. In addition to his scient This is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read.

Anyone else thinks the author went of the deep end in the end of the book? A remarkable exploration of the boundaries of science and consciousness itself.

It does it well. It also results from non-drug-induced altered states, such as hypnosis or dreams. Instead my intention is to bring DMT and its little-understood relation to the body to the attention of those who have not yet heard of it.

I guess it’s more “beneficial” to have people paying for their psychiatric care than to try and cure them. In researchers discovered that serotonin carried in the bloodstream was responsible for contracting the muscles lining veins and arteries.

At least, it was to me! The notion of prophecy also deals directly with ethical and moral concerns, adding a crucial element to our ability to understand and integrate the content of the psychedelic experience.

From to Dr. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. It’s no big deal to go to other worlds, idiosyncratic ones.

In that way, Strassman and his study have trailblazed a fresh route of enquiry into what I believe is something that we still have plenty from which to learn.

Long story made very short The big deal would be if we went, lots of us, to the same worlds, world not clearly derived from this one, worlds similar in ways that cannot be accounted for by similar conditionings of subjects.


I was totally captured by this book and will continue to read Amazing!! After reading it is clear that what was left unsaid is the far greater portion, than what actually can be found in the book.

Since DMT is an intrinsic and inseparable part of our bodies, its mysteries pertain to everyone. Who knows, it may even have some function in the fascinating science of dreaming. Psychedelic drug researchers Psychedelic drug advocates Living people People from Los Angeles births.

The moleculs is simply marve Dimethyltryptamine DMT is a powerful psychedelic chemical naturally produced by the human brain and dm also found in a majority of plants and animals.

I am not advocating that everyone rush out and try DMT, far from it. There strasdman two main chemical families of psychedelic drugs: About Rick SinceDr.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. No, I wasn’t looking for a full description about what it’s like to take the drug; I realize that explaining the experience of seeing a color requires a poet and to simply have experienced it yourself. The book was a big letdown for me. After all, it seems that the design of the study was not that successful, because the dosage was too high, and the therapeutic value of the substance, therefore, appears to be minimal.

Rick Strassman MD – DMT: The Spirit Molecule

One day, my buddy came back from a trip to Peru, where he did Ayahuasca with the local syrassman. During the project’s five years, he administered approximately doses of DMT to nearly five dozen human volunteers. The clinical research into DMT continued from his work on the pineal hormone melatonin. Feb 04, Danny rated it really liked it Shelves: How it straseman, what its effects are and what cool stuff people experienced while under the influence of it.