Teenage author Atwater-Rhodes returns to the vampires and witches of In the Forests of the Night for this fast-moving sequel. This time, she focuses on Jessica, . Though nobody at her high school knows it, Jessica is a published author. Her vampire novel, Tiger, Tiger, has just come out under the pen name Ash Night. Demon in My View is a vampire novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and published on May 9, Originally titled Bitter Life, it was published when the.

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Humans know about this place? Katie, what the hell did I just read?

Demon in My View – Wikipedia

Do you prefer short stories or book series? In my opinion this is still a fun little series to read and I will be continuing it and reviewing all of the Den of Shadows books on here. I just don’t like Jessica as a character. The beginning few pages were very well detailed but after that, m became basic. Also by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.

I mean, what was the point of killing her? The night is full of mystery. This was one of them.

viw To her dismay, however, Jessica’s years in Jazlyn’s womb, fed off the blood of Jazlyn’s victims and kept alive by the immortal blood of Siete, have irreparably changed her daughter; the girl shares Siete’s emerald eyes and the physicalities of a vampire. Stay in Touch Sign up.

I fell in love with her character the moment she was introduced. Views Read Edit View history. Hey, look, someone decided to write Twilight with real vampires! But for now I will just give you an idea of what brought this down to two stars, regardless of how responsible or not the author herself is.


I liked the elaborate world that was built here, but I did think it got a tad confusing at times. I was also mt the fencing team for two years, an experience that actually inspired a couple atwater-rhodex, and regret that I did not continue with that sport.

In my creative writing courses, we constantly had the phrase “show me, don’t tell me” drummed into our brains. Easy to read but still full of things happening. Delacorte Pressa division of Random House. Furthermore, I liked how nicely Amelia Atwater Rhodes tied everything up. When the pieces click together and Jessica finds out the truth, will she be strong enough to stay away, to resist the alluring pull Alex has over her? Having once been a year-old girl myself, I recognize a lot of her writing style as quite typical of a teen girl who doesn’t I saw this title on the shelf and just had to have this book.

Demon in My View (Den of Shadows, #2) by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

A price that Jessica is finding does not suit her well. I think it’s better then many authors her age could aatwater-rhodes done she’s even better then some older authors I’ve read too! If you like vamipers, whitches, and fights this is the book for you to read!

Don’t go into it with very high expectations, but come away impressed with this then young author’s writing. Jessica knows this, and by wanting to be one of the creatures from her book, she knows she viwe be one, as she is unwilling to be a weak vampire. Along earning a starred review from the School Library Journalthe novel earned the distinction of being atwater-thodes American Library Association Quick-Pick summer novel for young adults. Too arrogant and haughty.


Demon in My View

But I have a hard time blaming Miss Atwater-Rhodes for this. The same name that nobody but Jessica could know since it is in one of her manuscripts not yet atwater-rhoeds to the editor. I mean, I hardly have enough self-control to finish one book. Read it Forward Read it first.

Link to my blog: Why did Alex out of the blue decide demn move to Ramsa, why does he hold such a strong profound hatred towards Caryn, and more importantly what happens when everything is revealed? I am disappointed in everyone from the author to the publisher.

Other than that, I liked it.

I think it’s amazing how Atwater-Rhodes can convey romance and a fantastic plot in such a short novel, especially after I learned that she wrote this particular book when she was I’ve read it more than once.

Reading Hawksong reminded me how talented I thought she was and made me want to read more of her books, but alas my library only had Hawksong and Shattered Mirror. Alex, a spitting image for her anti-hero, Aubrey, might very well be a vampire.

Demon in My View was a good book in my opinion. That all sounds well and good, but there was so much speculation on Jessica’s part that it still came through as theory as she was trying to figure everything out. Looking for More Great Reads?